Services & Classes

World Interplay, LLC helps individuals and organizations succeed by providing high quality training and consulting services in the area of continual improvement including Lean Six Sigma and ISO 9001 approaches.

Benefits of Training and consulting by World Interplay, LLC

  • Training by highly qualified instructor with extensive experience in Aerospace, root cause analysis, ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, Auditing and Lean Six Sigma.
  • Rich, engaging discovery based learning with numerous exercises to build your skills.
  • Official training completion letter and certificate
  • Ability to customize the training to meet your needs.


Currently we are not offering courses.  We are developing new courses and will post them here starting in August in September, 2016.


Phone/video conference based consulting

Hire a SME in root cause analysis, ISO 9001 and Lean Six Sigma.  Contact us for availability and rates.

Independent (Peer) Review of your Root Cause Analysis

Practitioners and management sometimes need an independent review of RCA results, often called a “peer review.  This is particularly helpful during the course of an investigation and before solutions are approved.

World Interplay uses a robust, structured muti-point inspection of separate areas that do the following:

  • Verify the RCA methodology was properly followed (report integrity)
  • Thorough review and critique of the cause and effect charts (structure, causes, evidence, etc.)
  • Provide added insight into the causes and solutions

You typically submit your RCA files along with any reports, photos, diagrams of the problem.  World Interplay conducts a thorough review and completes a detailed, itemized report.  If requested, we can support telephone conferences or net meetings to discuss the results.

Pricing:  $400/hour.  A cause & effect chart of 20-40 causes typically takes 1-2 hours to review.  If desired, we can provide a cursory review and provide you with an estimate of hours required.

On Site Consulting

(This service is currently unavailable due our entering an R&D phase.  Expect this service to become available again in 2017). 

Certain problems require rapid and experienced problem resolution.  We can provide on-site consulting, which typically involves the following:

  • Quick introduction to Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Definition
  • Problem Analysis by creating a Cause & Effect chart
  • Evaluation and selection of effective solutions.
  • Issuance of Report, including action items
  • Follow-on consulting, review and if desired, auditing to verify effective problem resolution.

RCA is not a linear process.  In other words, there is typically a considerable amount of interaction between the phases listed above.

Pricing:  On-site consulting is $5000/day, with a minimum of 2 days, + travel expenses.  Our estimates typically include 4-8 hours prep time (at $400/hour) + 2-4 hours for follow up de-briefs, reports, etc. ($400/hour).  We provide a detailed list of hours and activities, along with receipts.  Call for availability, details and a quote.